Session host: Christian Nyhus Andreasen

Head of Incubation, Filmby Aarhus

Christian Nyhus Andreasen is Head of Incubation at the Filmby Aarhus Incubator, Ideas Lab.

With a big heart for indie developers and conditions for the games industry, Christian has taken part in the build up of game incubation and acceleration initiatives in France, Germany and Luxembourg, and currently, he is working on improving the ecosystem of and around game development in Denmark.

Christian has been building capacity, publishing and franchise operations at well-established studios around France, Germany, Finland and Denmark, and helps indie studios gain access to financing and investors. Passionate about indie game development, he has recently taken up the challenge of helping the game Necesse grow it’s audience as Interim COO at Fair Games.

A passionate gamer himself, Christian is right now diving into the rich storytelling and world building of Assassin’s creed Valhalla, exploring Ubisoft’s take on telling the history and mythology of the Vikings.

Christian Nyhus Andreasen is hosting How we made a living killing babies with Mathias Bjørnskov.

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