Derk de Geus

Executive Chairman and Co-founder, Paladin Studios

As a creative entrepreneur and former CEO, Derk De Geus has many years of experience within the gaming industry. In 2005, he dropped out of school and co-founded the game development studio Paladin Studio placed in The Hague. Fourteen years and 60 employees later, de Geus stepped down as the CEO of Paladin Studios, and today, he holds the part-time role as Executive Chairman. In 2020, he became chairman in the Dutch Gaming Association with a mission to improve the game industry in The Netherlands. Aside from this, de Geus is also engaged as author, musician, public speaker and coach dedicated to support and supervise creative startups, entrepreneurs and leaders with his keen insight from many years of experience.

Derk De Geus will take part in the session Art That Sells – The Power of Visuals at THIS GAME 2021.

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