Christopher Hamilton

Director of Developer Relations, Genvid Technologies

As Director of Developer Relations at Genvid Technologies, Christopher works with a wide range of game makers to create new types of massively social, always-on, highly interactive game experiences. His video gaming adventure began 2007 in St. Petersburg, Russia providing culturally adaptive translations for games at Nevosoft. Since then, he has worked primarily in partner relations, and the production and publishing of premium and F2P casual games for PC, mobile, and smart TV at companies like Rovio, Playcademy (MadData), and GameHouse. He has a wide portfolio of professional experience, including roles in localization, quality assurance, production, product management, marketing, partner relations, business development and publishing. He is currently on the board of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the Finnish Game Jam. He believes games can be a powerful medium and is passionate about helping game makers find their voice in expressing themselves for causes important to them. Christopher regularly serves as a game award judge and mentor. He is based in Helsinki and is deeply involved in Finland’s exceptional game developer community with its strong sharing culture.

Join Christopher Hamilton in his session The Rise of MILEs at THIS GAME 2021.

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