From “License” to “Adaptation” – The Evolution of Hollywood and Gaming to Bring Blockbuster Storytelling Across Media


Licensed entertainment has always occupied a complex position within the content landscape.

As technology giants increasingly delve into the realm of entertainment production, it comes as no shock that we are witnessing a surge in content derived from successful properties across different mediums. As a generation with unparalleled access to games, shows, movies, graduated into decision-making positions, the boundaries between these forms of media continues to blur.

Consequently, this fusion has fostered a vibrant exchange of narratives and universes across diverse mediums. However, it is evident that this approach has not always yielded the desired results.

So, the question arises: How can we transcend the conventional use of licenses and instead craft enriched adaptations that cater to both new and longtime fans?

Join Amanda Kruse of Good Shepherd Entertainment and Emmy Yu of Arad Productions in exploring the evolution of licensed content, as they strive to create adaptations that captivate.

During their discussion, they will touch on their years of working in both Hollywood and gaming on properties like “Borderlands”, “The Witcher”, and more as they delve into what makes a property fertile ground for expanding into other mediums as well as the ups and downs of the adaptation process.


October 31, 2023

1:45 PM – 2:30 PM 

Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1



Emmy Yu, Vice President of Development, Arad Productions

Amanda Kruse, Head of Publishing, Good Shepherd Entertainment

Host: Mette Bom, Communications & Campaign Advisor

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